FGVcef was founded in 2001 and has been working hard in pursuit of knowledge on finance ever since. Through our researches, we aim at publicizing the name of FGV/EAESP, encouraging the networking among professors and students and carrying out lectures and meetings in order to disseminate new practices and expertise.

Our target is to become a reference in the following fields of finance: financial markets, corporate finance and emerging markets.


Our team produces both scientific papers and rankings for renowned Brazilian and International academic meetings, journals, and other publications.

The main rankings that we produce are the Mutual Funds Guide for Exame magazine, Mutual Funds Guide and Private Social Security Guide for Você SA magazine and Valor 1000 Guide.

We also publish the results of our researches in the main Brazilian business magazines, and newspapers such as Valor Econômico, O Estado de São Paulo and Folha de São Paulo.